Hotel La Misión de Fray Diego

El Hotel Boutique más romántico de Mérida Yucatán

This is an unexpected place, where your stay is not just a simple stopover in the city, but a true experience, full of careful details in your room, delicate and delicious flavors, and personalized service which surpasses your expectations; whenever you are coming or going you will feel you are a part of the history, of a past so intense that it left its mark in México, and still gives us much to talk about.

The architecture will transport you to the 17th C. and will submerge you in a vivid moment of relaxing sensations, where the gardens will allow you to breathe tranquility and peace. And when you want to leave this oasis to have contact with the world, in a single step you will have it at your feet.

All our facilities have been elegantly improved!

La Mision de Fray Diego
La Mision de Fray Diego

Best hotel rate in any category.
Accommodation assured in the hotel.
Exclusive discount on all meals.
Discount on the most popular tours.


Luxurious suites at very affordable prices that make La Misión de Fray Diego the ideal boutique hotel in Merida.


With its international, regional, and Spanish menu, it delights its guests with special care in the taste of every dish or beverage.


Close to the hotel you will be able to see places like Cathedral, house of city founder Montejo, Museums, Theaters, craft shops, restaurants.

Are you going to transact your Visa for the USA?

Stay with us!. We are to three squares of the CAA corresponding to the Consulate of Merida.

Center of Attention to Applicants Street 69, #561D corner Street 66 , Downtwon, Merida, Yucatan

La Mision de Fray Diego

Toll Free USA & CAN: 1 866 639 2933