Travel with confidence in the Fray Diego Mission

At La Misión de Fray Diego we want to protect you from the new Covid 19 virus, which is why we are applying all the hygiene and sanitation protocols indicated by state and federal health authorities.

We are aware that the best way to act in the new normality is to take all possible measures of cleanliness and personal hygiene, as well as taking care of the health of those of us who work here.


Hotel entrance

We work preventively minimizing risks, for this the temperature will be checking on all our collaborators, visitors and suppliers before starting the day.

It is compulsory to use face masks to enter the hotel.

Staff with access to food and rooms will also be wearing disposable gloves.


Adequate Protective Equipment

To put into practice the procedures of the hygiene and sanitization protocols in all our departments, we will have the appropriate protective equipment.

The hotel will provide all workers with the personal protective equipment that they must use before starting their work.

Control of sanitary measures

We designate an official person in charge of verifying the adequate application of the measures, it has a control log with the protocols and procedures according to each area that serves as a guide to supervise the fulfillment of tasks. This information will be updated if the health authorities determine to incorporate new sanitary measures.

The control log is designed for each department of the hotel, such as: reception, housekeeper, room division, food and beverages, maintenance, etc.

New social distancing

At all times the healthy distance will be maintained in the areas with the highest number of people.
We make our Check In Express service available to you, providing all your required information prior to your arrival. Similarly, our Check Out Express service, closing your account up to 30 minutes before your departure, as well as previously providing any information for billing.
Check in and check out of guests will be done respecting the healthy distance to avoid crowds.
The entry and exit of staff will be done in stages.

New signage system

To inform customers of new uses and the need to maintain a new interpersonal space.

Public and work areas will have signs to remind all staff of the correct way to use and handle personal protective equipment, waste, as well as frequent hand washing.

All our rooms will have a bilingual guide (Spanish and English) containing hygiene protocols for the personal safety of our guests.



Agglomeration reduction

Space management is implemented to reduce the number of people in common areas and ensure personal distance. 











Food to go


We offer our take-away menu service, packing any requested food well so that you can enjoy it wherever you want.

Room Service


From your cell phone you can see our entire menu to order from our restaurant.

Digital Concierge


We now have concierge service through Whatsapp for individual and group customer care.



In key areas of the hotel, anti-bacterial gel dispensers will be available for use by guests, workers and suppliers. 







No employee, supplier or visitor may enter the hotel if they show symptoms of illness.

In the event that a guest is suspected of having an illness during their stay, the room will be removed from service and placed in quarantine to remind all staff of the correct way to use it when the case has been confirmed.

Protective panel in the reception area


The reception desk will have a transparent protection panel for the safety of guests and staff.

Medical Assistance


We have a 24-hour medical assistance service for any emergency that may arise.


Sealing of areas
and articles


After disinfection of the room, all frequently used items (glasses and remote control) and the entrance to the premises or room itself will be sealed.

Elimination of


Overlays are eliminated due to their type of dry cleaning.



A protocol is established for washing and collecting clothes from the laundry during the stay and on the client's departure.

Official Certificate of Sanitary Measures


We are managing the recent Post Covid certification of Good Sanitary Practices, endorsed by the government as a high standard of hygiene, disinfection and quality in the processes.